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Be Powerful.
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My Commitment to You

“I help women build Unshakeable Confidence to LOVE Fiercely, LIVE Fearlessly and LEAD Courageously!”

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach

I Empower women to see possibilities beyond themselves – to find their unique Strengths and cultivate a growth Mindset to build Confidence, find Happiness and create their Best Life possible.

Whether you need that confidence to get out of a toxic relationship, find your true love, be a better mom, adapt to a new culture , grow your business or get that job that you deserve, I’VE GOT YOU! 

I Empower Women to Love, Live and Lead with Bold Confidence!

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach
Coaching is...

Coaching inspires and empowers clients at every level to discover their unique strengths, skills and wisdom to become who they want to be. With the thought-provoking questions, clients will be able to explore their inner world and find their answers within. The new ways of thinking unlocks their maximum potential to achieve excellence and create purposeful and extraordinary results in their entire life as a whole. It is solution-focused, wholistic natured, client-centered and action-oriented.

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach
Coaching is Not...

Coaching is not Counseling. While therapy focuses on healing the past, coaching helps clients get clear on what they want in the future, why they want it, and how they are going to achieve the desired outcomes. Coaching is not Consulting. It does not provide the solutions based on a coach’s expertise. Instead, coaching utilizes tools and processes to help clients generate their own solutions and become the master of their own life.

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach
You Need a Coach...

Because successful people ALWAYS have a coach on their team! The best of the best have coaches–athletes, performers, entrepreneurs, and leaders at the top of their field, you name it. A coach will give you an edge, help you see things you can’t access on your own, offer a different perspective and will always get more out of you, than you could have achieved on your own.

Is Coaching for You?

Do you want to feel pumped with energy, confidence, power and enthusiasm? Do you want to experience the confidence that you can move every mountain on your path? Do you want to feel empowered to go to the next level, shift your mindset, and turn your ideas into reality? If so, coaching is definitely for you!

 “Click the video to find out the surprise for you!” 

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I’m here for you wherever you are!

“Eve is an incredible person full of wisdom! She pulled me out of a very dark place when I was about to give up on my myself. I feel stronger than ever with Eve by my side!”

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach
Eve's Approach

I focus on confidence and mindset coaching with a strengths-based approach. Each of us has unique talents, skills and motivations. I am committed to helping you discover your true self, tap into your full potential, find your real path, and lead you to your desired destination.

You will experience self-directed learning, conversations that are thought-provoking, self-awareness centered, and solution-focused. I use Positive Psychology tools, Leadership Mastery Assessment tool, Character Strengths assessment along with other proven techniques to bring out your own brilliance and freedom from self limiting beliefs. With that change of heart and mindset, you will be empowered to create a life you truly desire and truly deserve.

Coaching Is For You If...

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach
If any of these statements describe you, then you’re EXACTLY where you need to be!

Coaching May Not Work For You If...

What Results Can You Expect?

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach

You Will...

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Eve's Strengths

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Eve’s top five character strengths:

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach

Eve's Certifications

Clients Describe Eve as...

“Transformative, empowering, positive, success-focused, empathetic, futuristic, caring, inspiring, understanding, honest, strategic, brilliant and insightful!

"Eve Keil is one of the Best life coaches I've met. Because of her coaching, I have become more Confident, my Self Esteem is on the rise, I've learned it's easy to say NO."

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