8 Tips to Build Your Courage

There is a common misconception about courage that leads people to think that courageous people are fearless…but that is not the case! You do not need to be fearless or brave to be courageous. In fact, pushing through the fear is what being courageous is all about! Of course it is always easier to stay in your comfort zone, but learning how to push through your fear will make your life more rewarding and it will give you the extra confidence you need to go after the things in life that you truly desire.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but you don’t believe that you have enough courage to act? Do you allow your fear to convince you that you are not brave enough to follow your dream? Don’t worry, there IS a courageous person inside of you and by using these 8 tips to build your courage, you will learn to push through the fear and you will have the courage to follow your dreams!

Avoid worrying what others will think of you. Fear of what others think of us is one of the big reasons we are afraid to act. Perhaps your family doesn’t agree with your new career choice or your friends are not supportive of you ending a toxic relationship. It’s important to remember that the people who are truly on your side will not abandon you for doing what is best for you so never be afraid to upset the people that don’t have your back!

Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Fear of the unknown is universal. When we are unsure of an outcome, we can imagine all sorts of terrible things, but when you take a step back and actually figure out the worst possible outcome, suddenly that fear of the unknown will disappear because you will know exactly what it is you are facing, and if you can live with that, there’s nothing to worry about!

Manage your big fears by dealing with the smaller ones first. The skills and the confidence you will gain by overcoming your smaller fears will give you the ability to dominate the larger ones.As you work through these smaller fears, your mind will become accustomed to your new patterns of thought and action so by the time you get to a larger fear, it won’t seem so large anymore.

Practice meditation and relaxation techniques. Through breathing exercises and meditation, you can train yourself to automatically relax when you first feel fear.Fear causes anxiety and although it may seem like there is no way to control that, there are proven techniques that will reduce stress and anxiety if you stick with the practice and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Play the odds. How many of your fears actually come true? Some studies suggest the number is about 20%. So, there’s an 80% chance your fears won’t come true! We can never truly know the future but just knowing that the odds are in your favor can be a big stress relief.

Realize that fear only happens in your mind. In most instances, you are the source of your fear. For example, you might be afraid of heights, but your friend is not. This is because fear is not a tangible thing but rather a part of your mindset that only exists when you allow it to exist.    

Focus on the positive possibilities. Now that you have thought about every little thing that might go wrong, put that aside and consider what might go right and allow yourself to feel excited about all of the positive possibilities. Imagine how much more exciting your life would be if you give yourself the chance to have something amazing happen each day!

View fear as a challenge. Instead of thinking about fear as an overwhelming emotion, think of it as a challenge to be overcome. Challenge yourself to take action when you feel afraid of doing something that could actually improve your life.

Remember, your fears are manufactured inside your head and you are in control of your own mindset. Relax, be bold, find your courage and push though the fear!

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