Creating a Positive Inner Dialogue for Success

When your inner dialogue is negative or unsupportive, it can easily discourage you and tear you down. A negative inner voice may come from something you heard from your family or from an authority figure while you were growing up, or maybe it comes from an unhealthy relationship with a friend or a partner. Your inner critic is there to warn you about certain things and to protect you from danger, but if you allow inner criticism and negativity to go too far, you will begin to believe negative things about yourself and you will always feel discouraged and unhappy. If you want to break free from the negative voices in your head, I have some helpful techniques you can use to make peace with your inner critic and keep your internal dialogue positive and motivating!

Pay attention. You may be so used to hearing a negative inner voice that it is automatic and therefore you barely even notice its happening. Pay attention to your thoughts, write them down, and take an honest look at the types of inner dialogues you have with yourself.

Look to the past. Does the voice inside your head sound like a certain person from your past? Is there a particular incident that you can recall that may have started the negative inner dialogue that just kept on going? If the negativity stems from a person or an occurrence in your past, identifying the origin of the negative voice can help you work through past negative experiences so they do not continue to affect you today. 

Focus on improvement, not perfection. Perhaps your inner voice tells you that you do not have the skills it takes to land your dream job because you had a few unsuccessful interviews.  In reality, you are allowing yourself to be stuck in the past instead of making an effort to change things for the future. By working on developing a growth mindset, you will believe that you are capable of achieving your goals because you are putting in the work that is needed to get you where you want to be.

Set goals. You may find that your inner voice will stay positive if you have a purpose and you know what you are trying to achieve.  Without any clear direction for where you are going or what you are trying to accomplish, it is easy to lose focus and become discouraged. When you have a plan and set realistic goals, you set yourself up for success.

Incorporate meditation. Meditation can help you focus and destress. Everyone feels overwhelmed sometimes so get into the habit of spending at least a few minutes each day to concentrate on deep breathing and focusing your mindset on motivating thoughts instead of judgmental ones.

Incorporate positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are short phrases that can give you a big boost of positivity when you’re down. This is a simple technique that you can incorporate into your daily routine so that you are always keeping yourself in a positive frame of mind. You can browse online or go to my social media pages for ideas on positive affirmations. Then, write down a few of your own and repeat them to yourself every day, but especially when you start to feel discouraged or unsure of your ability to handle a situation.

Know your worth. Negativity erodes your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Make a list of your talents and accomplishments and keep it on hand when you are feeling down. If you start to notice negative thoughts, refer to your list and tell yourself about all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished and acknowledge your unique abilities and talents. 

Build a supportive network. Negativity can certainly originate from inside ourselves due to past experiences but did you know that the types of people you surround yourself with can affect your mood as well? If you are spending too much time with negative people, you will start to develop a negative mindset. As often as possible, surround yourself with positive people who make you feel good about yourself.

By taking an active role in identifying and controlling your inner voice, you can transform not only your mindset, but also your entire life! 

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