Develop Your Inner Strength

Develop Your Inner Strength

“Your inner strength is your outer foundation.” — Allan Rufus

We all want to be healthy and strong. That comes to our mind more about physical health and strength, but what about our inner strength? Inner strength is just as valuable as our physical strength, if not more. In fact, you must first have inner strength if you want to build physical strength! How do we develop our INNER STRENGTH, our ability to stay the course, navigate challenges and persevere in the face of adversity? 

The ways we develop our physical strength is very similar to the way we develop our inner strength. Everyone starts out at different levels, but we all possess the ability to improve our inner strength just as we all have the ability to improve our physical strength. As you may have guessed, improving inner strength will take some work but it is so worth the time and the effort you put into it. When you increase your inner strength, you increase your possibilities. Obstacles that once seemed impossible to overcome will seem much easier to you. 

Just like physical training, there are exercises and strategies you can use that will build your inner strength and improve your quality of life. And the best part is they’re FREE! No gym membership or equipment necessary! I encourage you to incorporate these strategies and “mental exercises” into your daily routine so you can start reaping the benefits asap! 

1. Follow through! One of the simplest ways to build your inner strength is to finish what you start. If you promised yourself that you would exercise 30 minutes a day, complete that task. There are very few times when external events out of our control are the reason we stray from our goals. Usually it is because we become distracted or unmotivated or we fail to properly manage our time and that is a sure sign that you need to work on your mental strength. Instead of making excuses, make time to finish what you started!

2. Practice! There is not much in our lives we will ever improve without putting in some work. If there is something that you feel like you aren’t good at, practicing will help you improve. If there is something that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable, practicing will help you overcome your doubts so you feel more confident. If there is something you are good at, practice will help you become even better! Find at least one area or skill that you can practice improving each day. 

3. Stay positive! Positive self-talk and positive visualization can convince you that you are capable of anything. When we tell ourselves we are not good enough, we usually believe it. So why not tell ourselves how awesome we are and how capable we are of achieving our goals? When you train your mind to think positive thoughts and see positive outcomes, you will create a strong, positive mindset which will help you stay confident and motivated so you crush your goals. 

When we develop our inner strength, we are training our mind muscles to be stronger. Take every barrier as an opportunity to make our mind stronger. Keep pushing through your fear, uncertainty, self-doubt or any negative thought, you will be stronger and more resilient than ever.

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