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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching inspires and empowers clients at every level to discover their unique strengths, skills and wisdom to become who they want to be. With the thought-provoking questions, clients will be able to explore their inner world and find their answers within. The new ways of thinking unlocks their maximum potential to achieve excellence and create purposeful and extraordinary results in their entire life as a whole. It is solution-focused, wholistic natured, client-centered and action-oriented.

Coaching is not counseling. While therapy focuses on healing the past, coaching helps clients get clear on what they want in the future, why they want it, and how they are going to achieve the desired outcomes. 
Coaching is not consulting. It does not provide the solutions based on a coach’s expertise. Instead, a coach utilizes coaching tools and processes to help clients generate their own solutions to become the master of their own lives. 

Because successful people ALWAYS have a coach on their team! The best of the best have coaches – athletes, performers, entrepreneurs, leaders and anyone at the top of their field KNOWS that a coach, mentor and/or role model is an invaluable resource if you want to achieve your goals, be accountable and stay motivated. A coach will give you an edge, help you see things that you can’t access on your own, offer a different perspective and will always get more out of you than you could have achieved on your own.

In each session, you’ll choose the focus of conversation and be guided to create awareness, get clarity, and take action. The process is centered on where you are now and what you’re willing to do to achieve your aspirations. Coaching positively impacts your leadership effectiveness and progress toward organizational goals.

Throughout our sessions, you’ll discover what’s important to you, identify your goals, and make choices that align to your values and goals. We’ll use challenging techniques founded in best practices to help you move forward.

SHOW UP AND DO THE WORK. Coaching can completely change your life if we are both 100% committed. That’s the promise I make to my clients and I need the client to do the same. That means to be fully attentive and engaged in each session, between sessions, complete the transformational exercises on time, take actions based on the action plan that we co-designed and take accountability for your actions during the whole process.

There is No Limitation. I can work with any clients Anywhere In The World via Video sessions, as long as you have a good internet connection. I am flexible in scheduling session times that work for both of us in different time zones. I am in EST.

I have sessions Monday through Friday 9am EST until 5pm EST. I understand we all have different schedules and I will make some exceptions outside of those times.

 Imagine you are joining a fitness program, the consistency of your workout will make a difference. There are 3 programs that you can work with me.

A) 3 months Momentum Program with 12 weekly coaching session for clients who want to see a result in a more timely manner. 

B) 6 months Transformation Program with 12 biweekly coaching session for clients who need consistent and sustainable results.

 C) 12 months Foundation Program with 12 monthly coaching session for clients who have less intense areas to work on, but need on-going coaching support. 

Each client is unique. It depends on how many areas you want to work on and how much work each area might involve. Keep in mind that there is no overnight FIX. It is your life that we want to transform for the better. So it takes time and hard work to develop new habits, perspectives, thinking patterns and to implement new strategies and actions for long-term learning and growth to set root and establish. I would usually recommend 12 sessions regardless 3 months or 6 months and you can decide to resume or not afterwards. Statistics shows it takes at least 3 months to break a habit and form a new habit. We can discuss more in our Free Consultation and see which program is a good start for you. 

A Complimentary Session is a real coaching session that I offer for Free after our Consultation Session, if we are a good fit and want to move forward. It is a 60 minutes session just like a regular session, instead of a short sample session or a sale pitch. I can’t think of a better way to show you my passion to help you transform your life or career and prove to you how powerful and effective coaching can be.

Coaching is relatively new compared to therapy and training, so I understand your uncertainty about what you will really get from coaching. But the experience of being coached is nothing but powerful! Although you won’t see a result over one session (just like you won’t build your muscle from one workout), you can definitely get a good sense of the empowerment and what coaching is like within one session. That’s why I am offering a Free Complimentary Session so that you can fully experience what coaching is like and determine if it will work for you. 

This depends. Some results are almost instant while others take a long time to achieve and establish. It all depends on what the goals are, what is identified as successful results, and your willingness and efforts towards achieving those results.

YES! You will have unlimited support via text and email. I will have weekly checkin and you can reach out to me if any obstacle arises or there is any accomplishment you want to share. I’m here to support and champion you in any way I can.

First of all, instead of thinking about it as a cost, it is really an investment. And the best investment you can make is in yourself! What you invest is the VALUE of the result that transforms your life! Second, the investment varies depending on different programs and different structures of each program. After we discover what your needs and goals are, we will have a better idea which program is the best fit for you and what the investment would be. 

The coaching relationship is a dynamic, thought-provoking, supportive and empowering process that offers clients the space to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process offers the flexibility to meet the client where they are and move forward from that point. The process offers the flexibility to meet where you are and take you where you want to be!

Absolutely! There will be a coaching agreement signed with the Confidentiality Terms clearly stated before our coaching relationship begins. Integrity has always been my top value. I am here to provide a safe and caring space for all my clients. 

"I’m connected to Eve's ideas. Because of Eve, I feel very comfortable with opening myself up and digging deeper inside myself."

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