Leadership Mastery

I believe everyone is a leader. As long as you have impact on others, you are leading others in a certain way. What matters is How You Lead. 

With a decade of corporate experience supporting leaders and executives to lead, achieve and succeed, I realized that many leaders lacked leadership skills. 

Technically they have the professional competency to be in a leadership in position, but they may not be confident enough to show up as a leader.

For example, their IQ (cognitive intelligence) could take them to a certain level, but their EQ (emotional intelligence) might hold them back or keep them stuck. SQ (security intelligence) and CQ (character intelligence) also matter. The SQ drives our self-awareness and how we interact and relate with others, while our CQ drives our behavior and reactions. 

Mastering yourself and developing your best leadership skills makes all the difference. That’s where Leadership Coaching comes in.

 My mission and passion is to partner with executives and leaders to inspire them to optimize and unleash their full leadership potential.  I help you connect with your purpose, core values and key strengths through a supportive, innovative, positive and empowering professional relationship. Here is what the Leadership Mastery Program offers: 

Elements of Leadership Mastery

10 Essential Elements:

  1. The Personal Element – Beyond IQ&EQ to SQ&CQ
  2. The Power Element – Core Orientation of Service
  3. The Proper Fit Element – Personal and Cultural Congruence 
  4. The Purpose Element – Clarity and Focus
  5. The Passion Element – Alignment with Appetite
  6. The People Element -Emotional Intelligence 
  7. The Partnering Element – Social Intelligence 
  8. The Progressive Element – Creativity and Innovation 
  9. The Production Element – Strategy and Execution 
  10. The Public Communication Element – Public Relations and Messaging 

What's Included:

(Offerings with different duration and frequencies are available for this program to best meet each client’s needs.)

1 * 90-minute one-on-one discovery session:

In-depth review of  LMAT Leadership Mastery Assessment and Leadership COMPASS assessment to gain an overview of your leadership capacity and increase your self-awareness and self-knowledge. 

1 * 90-minute one-one-one strength exploration session:

In-depth review of 10 Elements of Leadership Mastery, and LAP (Leadership Action Plan) to explore your strengths, shift your perception and build your capacity. 

10 * 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions:

Based on the result of discovery and exploration sessions, I will work with you to determine your strategic and actionable leadership goals. We will use E&E (Efficiency & Effectiveness formula) to execute on the LAP, learn new patterns of thoughts and behaviors and develop strategies to lead to the new outcome you desire as a leader at next level. 

Coaching Tools:

This Leadership Mastery program is for you, if you want to…

Sharpen my leadership skills to become a more confident and valued leader.

Communicate clearly with others with an impact.

Project authentic executive presence and leadership qualities.

Be more skilled at influencing others, cultivating resilience and handling emotions under pressure.

Learn to manage conflict creatively in order to improve collaboration, engagement and productivity.

Some clarity on your career paths so you can direct your career with more skill and purpose.

From this Program you will...

Gain insight about yourself as a leader within your organization.

Have greater understanding of others about their thoughts and behaviors.

Better communicate with your ideas, beliefs and visions.

Improved Emotional Intelligence, Security Intelligence and Character Intelligence.

Develop a new perspective with a new mindset.

Be more confident and courageous.

Have better relationship with others with enhanced people skills.

Be a better Leader, a better Parent, a better Spouse, and a better Self.


"Eve's professionalism, insight, dedication and determination is rare and exceptional. I have already referred her to a couple of friends and will continue to do so."

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