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Do you feel like you are on a spinning wheel in your relationship and no matter how hard you try to move forward, you are still in the same place?

I'm Eve!

I Help Single Women Heal from Broken Relationships and Empower them to Rebuild their Love Life without Repeating Toxic Patterns.

Did your last relationship leave you broken, lost, and hopeless

Do you feel like damaged goods?

Do you desire to LOVE FORWARD instead of going backwards?

This is Me.

You Wanted to Be the Perfect Partner.

In fact, you always give everything you have to your relationships with the hope that it will be enough. And you thought that this last relationship would be the love that lasts a lifetime…

But it wasn’t. 

And now you’re here, lost  and with no idea how to start over again.

You wonder how to become the most confident and secure woman you always wanted to be, so you no longer feel controlled, anxious, and lacking self-worth.

You wonder how you can have a dream love life that you truly deserve and always desire.

The answer is: Start with YOURSELF. You can’t have a healthy relationship with other people if you still have a broken relationship with yourself. You can’t love others wholeheartedly if you still feel broken inside. You need to HEAL yourself first, Empower Yourself and Love Yourself as a foundation for a healthy and loving relationship with others. 

How do I know this? Because I lived through it! 

Don’t let your PAST define you. Let it REFINE you!

My Story


When I was in my 20s, I worked for a global company and was married to my college sweetheart.

But it was not as sweet inside as it looked from outside:

I was in a marriage where my ex thought he knew what was best for me and somehow I was convinced he was right.

So doing the things that made me feel happy somehow made me feel guilty, or even ashamed.

It was as if the only way to truly prove my worth was to become the person he thought that I should be.

So all my focus was to live up to his expectations so I wouldn’t disappoint him.

Deep down, I was exhausted, deeply disconnected with my inner self, and profoundly lonely.

I tried to break up multiple times but it just caused more drama, tears, and guilt.

He would tell me that I was the only good thing that ever happened to him.

So I stayed and tried to make this relationship work by pushing away who I truly was and what I truly wanted.

I wanted someone who would love me just the way I was instead of being a certain version in their eyes…

Someone who had a deep connection with me that made me feel seen, heard, and loved.

Someone that could just sit with me, laugh with me, and even cry with me.

I didn’t get that from my ex. And I didn’t see a way out.

Until at age 26, I got diagnosed with CANCER. 
And that changed EVERYTHING…

That was the moment I realized that we only live once and life could be much shorter than we expected

I was terrified that it could be the end of my life, but I was determined that I would do whatever it took to live on. 

So after 6 months of brutal cancer treatments,  I learned that “what doesn’t kill us REALLY makes us stronger.” 

I finally got out of that marriage. 

I was sad, but also relieved. I missed freedom for too long. 

So I never gave myself time to grieve and heal.

“We all have two lives. And the second one starts when we realize we only have one.” — Confucius


I was desperate to be loved. So I quickly jumped into another relationship before I realized I jumped back into the fire. 

Relationships are tricky. If you are not crystal clear about what you want and what you DON’T want,  you will either be attracted to the same kind of people or the total opposite.

In my case, it was the opposite. That guy was nothing like my ex.  

He was extremely charming, caring, thoughtful and attentive. 

I thought I found the ONE. 

But LITTLE did I know, our whole relationship was built on a foundation of lies. 

It was one scheme after another. 

I was tired of trying to figure out what was the truth and what was the lie. 

The gaslighting was his top skill which made me constantly question my sanity. “Is this really happening or am I just delusional?” 

It was a horrible feeling. 

He lied about everything. 

He lied about his ex-wife attempting to commit suicide. He lied about his dad having cancer, and then he lied about his ex-wife having cancer too, all of which was to cover his BIGGEST lie: He was NEVER officially divorced. 

That was the moment I realized he was a classic PSYCHOPATH who could actually be proud of his schemes and enjoy watching others burn. I couldn’t overlook the red flags anymore. 

So I ended that relationship and never looked back.

After that, I didn’t know what to trust or whom to trust anymore, including myself. 

That's When I Started My Second Life

I took time to reflect on my life journey and these relationships.

I asked myself the questions that I never asked before: what do I want? What is the BEST version of myself that I want to be? 

With these questions in the back of my head, I decided to do something for myself. 

I traveled to Europe by myself – and took the time and space to purify my mind, heal my heart and nourish my soul.

I bought my own car and learned how to drive (which is not very common for a single woman in China, at least not back then)

I finished my Master’s Degree which I had to put on hold because of the health crisis. 

I was discovering my strengths and building back my confidence.

I also thought about the things that I wanted for my future husband and I wrote them down.
I was determined that I would find my dream guy. 

And, I DID. My husband is exactly as I manifested.
He’s a navy veteran. Integrity and loyalty are his core values. 

He is extremely loving, kind, genuine, protective and reliable. 

When I met my husband, he was attracted to me because
I was this independent, strong, smart, and confident woman.  

And now he loves me just the way I am. The perfectly imperfect me!

I’ve never felt this secure with anyone in my life. I can finally be my true self.
Good or bad, he will not love me any less. 

This is my story and my journey. After lots of twists and turns, I finally found my HOME.

If You Can Relate to Any Part of My Story,
I Want You To Know This:

It’s never too late to start the next chapter of your life. 

Your life can be transformed just like mine. 

The hardest thing is not going through a hard stage of your life. It’s going through it all ALONE. 

So, if you’re not feeling confident, independent, and loved right now… that’s okay.

It’s okay to need some healing after a major transition in your life. It’s okay to feel hurt and broken, but keep in mind that you are NEVER damaged. And now you have the opportunity to transform into a MASTERPIECE, just like Kintsuji… 

I Want To Be Free, Beautiful, and Whole!

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A Few Fun Things
You Might Find Interesting About Me


Seafood! I love all kinds of seafood. I can easily eat a dozen crabs all by myself and I can eat raw oysters all day long!

Tea! I always love to drink tea since  My favorite tea is Nettle Leaf tea. It tastes very refreshing, gives you lots of energy and is beneficial even during pregnancy. I also love Rose tea, Raspberry tea and Chamomile tea. And my favorite tea at night time is actually Oat Straw tea. It is almost tasteless but has a mild sweetness in it. Delicious! 

Coconut oil! I use coconut oil for everything! I mean EVERYTHING! For my face cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer, baking, oil pulling, stain remover, and lots of other natural remedies. 

Essential oil! My favorite ones are frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, and rose.

Food, music, dance.

Math, science, geography.

Chat with my loved ones, movie night with my husband.

Rain. The sound of rain is soothing to me. Things seem to slow down in my mind when it rains and it makes me feel peaceful inside.

China before I moved to the US 10 years ago with my husband. Then we moved from Indianapolis to Nashville, Nashville to Maryland, Maryland to North Carolina while we had 3 kids. “Not” busy at all! Now we are done moving!

Honesty. My dad has a great sense of integrity. He made sure I was raised that way.

Quality time all the way!! I like to spend time with people and just chat to get to know each other at a deeper level. That’s why I do private coaching with my clients so I can give them undivided attention and support. 

I’m passionate, fierce, genuine, reliable, personable, caring, communicative, and funny.

This Is Us, Parenthood, Brothers & Sisters, Army Wives, Suits, The Good Wife. I like shows that can make you laugh, cry and reflect. Shows that are about family, friends and justice.

"Every person is capable of success. Going through Life Coaching with Eve has allowed me to see that I can be successful on a personal and professional level."

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