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Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach

I consider myself a confident person, but what I learned is this: confidence is a skill that needs to be practiced. And it changes with the circumstances of the stage you’re on. When I transitioned from working at a Fortune 500 company to a full-time mom, I felt that was the stage that I had the least confidence. 

As a first time mom, I learned everything from scratch and my confidence was challenged every time I made a mistake or simply didn’t know what to do. I started to question whether I was a good mom, although everyone else saw me as an amazing mom. Deep down I had self-doubt and self-blame every single day worrying what I should have done or how I should have done it differently. Besides the skills that I thought I lacked as a first time mom, I also felt I’d lost my identity. The transition from being recognized and valued in the corporate world to chasing kids around and keeping a household made me feel invisible and unvalued. I felt lost. That was when I knew something had to change.

I decided to go back to school to work on my second Masters Degree. That was the beginning to of my journey into coaching. I enrolled in a Marketing Program at Johns Hopkins. Since I already had a Masters in Communication with a concentration of integrated Marketing, a marketing path was a good fit for my creative nature.

Over time, I explored several different curriculum. I worked with a career development faculty including MBTI and Strength Finder assessments. These tools gave me new insights into my inner world and helped me realize that connecting with people is my passion. Next I pursued a training career path and joined a Human Resource Development program at Towson University. And finally, I found a Health and Wellness Coaching program in Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH). The second I walked into the building, I knew that was where I belonged. That was a real turning point in my journey to coaching.

The first thing I learned from this program was Healing Presence as a coach and the most valuable thing I learned from that course was “self-compassion” from Kristin Neff and the power of “Vulnerability” from Brene Brown. I started a journey not only fin coaching others but also getting to know myself at a deeper level. 

The transition from being recognized and valued in the corporate world to chasing kids around and keeping a household made me feel invisible and unvalued. I felt lost. That was when I knew something had to change.

What is the most critical element to making a change? It’s “self-awareness.” What makes coaching different from all other therapeutic approaches is the “thought-provoking” process involved to raise the “self-awareness” of the client and to change the self-talk inside. My confidence has been boosted since I started coaching clients. Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing the transformational change in others. Coaching brings me joy, confidence and fulfillment. Whether you are a mom, or an entrepreneur or a career woman and you want to make a change in your life, coaching is for you. I’ve been there, and I am confident that together we can make a difference!


This confidence-building program is designed for female entrepreneurs, mothers re-entering the workforce, and single women transitioning out of past relationships and into new ones.

Designed for women in business, this program generates self-awareness and helps to define your career path. teaches communication skills, and helps you to communicate clearly, 

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How Does it Work?

How does coaching work?

In each session, you’ll choose the focus of conversation and be guided to create awareness, get clarity, and take action. The process is centered on where you are now and what you’re willing to do to achieve your aspirations. Coaching positively impacts your leadership effectiveness and progress toward organizational goals.

Throughout our sessions, you’ll discover what’s important to you, identify your goals, and make choices that align to your values and goals. We’ll use challenging techniques founded in best practices to help you move forward.

Believe. Evolve. Achieve 

Step 1:  Believe 

I will guide you explore your inner world, overcome the self-limiting beliefs with your unique strengths, boost your confidence so that you will believe yourself and view your life with a different mindset. With the new belief system inside of you, you will overcome the self-doubts that holds back and believe that everything is possible!

Step 2: Evolve

Once you have the belief in yourself with the new patterns of thinking and feel motivated to make the massive change, I will help you develop your vision and create a map for your transformational journey to take you where you want to be. 

Step 3: Achieve

With the plan of action in place, you will hold yourself accountable for taking the action for each specific and realistic goal and I will be your accountability partner with your permission. Our mission together is to make you achieve the outcome you desire. I will be on your side every step of the way to keep you on track, remind you of your strengths and motivate you to move forward until you reach your goal in your personal or professional life. 

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Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach

Thank you Eve. You are an incredible person full of wisdom. You pulled me out of a very dark place. I know you have my back and I feel strong because of that. 

Eve Keil, Women's Empowerment and Leadership Coach

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