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Thank you for visiting from my step into the spotlight book and reading my chapter: “Believe You Can and You Will!”

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Eve Keil

Women’s Empowerment Coach | Motivational Speaker | Certified Leadership Coach | Certified Health and Wellness Coach | Founder of EK Coaching, LLC | MA, CCF-CMPC, CCF-CLC, ICF-ACC, NBC-HWC

Eve Keil is a Certified Life Coach and Leadership Coach with a passion for helping women build their bold confidence by cultivating their growth mindsets and discovering their signature strengths so they can Live fearlessly, Love fiercely, and Lead courageously. Eve has a strong track of record of overcoming barriers, navigating major life changes, and supporting executives to lead, achieve, and succeed.

Eve is committed to bringing out the brilliance and possibilities in powerful women so they can be the true leaders in their personal and professional lives. Most of her clients are women in transition related to Motherhood, Relationship, Career, and Culture. She specializes in helping women identify their strengths, turn their pain into power, and become the most CONFIDENT version of themselves. Eve’s coaching practice is grounded in the belief that we are all born with unique talents and strengths. What matters is how we discover them and maximize them to succeed.

You are what you believe!

Eve has Masters Degrees in Communications from Peking University and in Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is also a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Master Coach Practitioner. Eve is actively pursuing her Positive Psychology Practitioner certification.

Prior to becoming a coaching professional, Eve worked in the global sales and marketing division of a Fortune 500 company as Executive Assistant to support C-Suite Leaders. With her extensive training in coaching, outstanding education background, unique life lessons, global work experience and multicultural mindset, Eve strives to deliver successful and sustainable outcomes for her clients. 

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